Photo By Author (Rishi Kara)

“Were you ever going to tell me?”

I asked, trying to sound as heartbroken and sincere as possible. This was it. This was the pivotal moment that we had been building up to. The yelling, the accusations, the uncomfortable silence, it was all leading up to this. I wanted my eyes to well up with tears so she could see how torn I was. But it had to be the right amount of tears to ensure they remained unshed. …

I never understood photography. The older I got, the better and more popular cameras became, the less I understood it.

Today almost everyone has an exceptionally high-quality camera, access to professional editing software, and the ability to immediately share their instant creations with the world — all in their pocket. All the time.

The photography workflow has become ridiculously simple.

Where is the magic then, I wondered. The skill that one needs to develop to call themselves a photographer. According to widely known humanist photographer Henri Cartier Bresson, “Your first 10,000 pictures are your worst”. A variant of the 10,000…

Photo By Rishi Kara

The moment you graduate from college, the first question you get asked when you meet someone new is — “So, what do you do?”.

How a person makes money is an integral part of how he or she is defined. For me, this meant saying, “I am a software engineer”. But every time I uttered those words it felt like a lie. After four years of studying computer science and landing my dream job as a software developer for a large technology company in New York City, I had no interest in my profession. I looked to my coworkers with…

Rishi Kara

actor, filmmaker, former software engineer. Writing about creative struggles, resistance, day jobs and purpose ||

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